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Ethics Across the Curriculum

1979 Ethics Workshop IIT

From 1997-2003, Illinois Tech hosted colleagues from institutions internationally and across the country for the Ethics Across the Curriculum summer workshops. Running seven days, these workshops allowed twenty participants from a variety of disciplines to discuss ways in meaningfully integrate ethics into undergraduate and graduate curricula. The workshop had been successfully offered to Illinois Tech faculty in 1991-1994, and a generous grant from the National Science Foundation allowed CSEP to expand the workshop to include participants from other institutions starting in 1994. Since then, a number of other institutions have started hosting their own workshops. See the links below for more information on past EAC schedules and an updated bibliography on integrating ethics into curriculum.

EAC Workshop Summary

Summary of the workshops conducted by CSEP. It is designed to assist instructors with integrating ethics teaching into their course curricula, and includes handouts and short discussions of each topic covered during the week-long workshop.

Ethics Education Conferences and Workshops

Upcoming workshops and conferences focusing on ethics education, teaching research ethics, and other events.

Bibliography of EAC-related materials

Divided by discipline, this is a list of articles, books, and web resources on teaching ethics.

Other EAC Centers and Programs

Links to other Ethic Across the Curriculum societies and programs

Post Workshop Materials

Classroom exercises, reports, and other outcomes from past participants in the workshop. Many of these can be used as examples for successful strategies for including ethics in your own class curriculum.