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Join us on May 16-18 as we host the 2023 International Conference on Computer Ethics: Philosophical Inquiry. The theme this year is Human-Ai Interactions and the Future: Values, Responsibilities, and Freedoms. Our call for abstracts is out, and we will be accepting submissions until November 15, 2022.


Founded in 1976, the Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions was the first interdisciplinary center of its kind to focus on ethics in the professions. During its forty year history, it has continued to be one of the nation's leading centers on practical and professional ethics.

The mission of the Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions to:

  • educate students as responsible professionals,
  • to reflect on the wider implications of scientific progress,
  • and to contribute to the shaping of technology in accordance with fundamental human values.

Our research program focuses on ethics in the life sciences and ethical and societal issues of emerging technologies, with a particular focus on philosophical and ethical aspects of neuroscience. The Ethics Center is committed to multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional research, to projects that combine empirical investigation with conceptual analysis, and to projects that introduce and propagate innovations in teaching. Furthermore, the Ethics Center Library houses a unique collection of ethics codes from all over the world and a large collection of ethics education materials.

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