Global Warming and Decisions in Doubt

TitleGlobal Warming and Decisions in Doubt
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsRobinson, W
JournalTeaching Ethics
Pagination35 - 52
Date PublishedJan-01-2014
PublisherPhilosophy Documentation Center
AbstractThe article discusses how important it is that we teach our students to become familiar with how to rationally resolve disputes llike if  human actions are contributing to global woarming in a rational way. The article discusses why we cannot dismiss scientific enquiry and the evidence before us that global warming is occuring, and walks the reader through the decision procedure to adopt regarding what we should do about climate change. The author also points out that the choice of the decision procedure adopted is also not neutral in this case, and how we decide to proceed in making a decision about what to do can have profound concequences. 
Audience LevelInstructor