Ethical Challenges in Research with Human Biological Materials

TitleEthical Challenges in Research with Human Biological Materials
Publication TypeTeaching Module
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsMurray, TH
Corporate AuthorsNational Academy of Engineering, OEC
PublisherNational Academy of Engineering, Online Ethics Center
Place PublishedChicago
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsBIOLOGY , Biomedical , biomedical engineering , GENETICS , Human , Human Research Subjects , Informed , Informed Consent , Privacy , Privacy and Surveillance , SCIENCE
AbstractThis teaching module reviews some of the ethical guidelines that govern the use of human tissue specimens. It discusses issues where tissue samples have great commercial value and how tissue donors rights and privacy should be considered, how genetic information gleaned from a specific community should be handled, and related issues of informed consent and privacy. The module includes a number of case studies, suggested readings, and a bibliography of articles, books and relevant online resources to the issue of the use of human tissue samples.
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