The Cambridge handbook of information and computer ethics

TitleThe Cambridge handbook of information and computer ethics
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsFloridi, L
Paginationxv, 327 p.
PublisherNew York
Place PublishedCambridge, UK
Publication Languageeng
ISBN NumberISBN: 9780521888981 (hbk.); 0521888980 (hbk.); 9780521717724 (pbk.); 0521717728 (pbk.); National Library: 015462109
Accession Number460059762
Call NumberLC: QA76.167; Dewey: 174.9004
KeywordsComputer Ethics , COMPUTER science , Computers , Electronic , Ethik , information , Informationstechnik , Privacy and Surveillance , software engineering
AbstractThis anthology explores how information and communication technologies have radically changed many aspects of life including social interactions, medical care, and business. The essays look at the impact information technologies have on our moral lives and contemporary ethical debates. Topics covered include privacy, ownership, freedom of speech, technological determinism, the digital divide, cyber warfare, and online pornography.
NotesCambridge University Press26 cm.Introduction and background. Ethics after the information revolution / Luciano Floridi ; The historical roots of information and computer ethics / Terrell Ward Bynum ; Ethical approaches. Values in technology and disclosive computer ethics / Philip Brey ; The use of normative theories in computer ethics / Jeroen van den Hoven ; Information ethics / Luciano Floridi -- Ethical issues in the information society. Social issues in computer ethics / Bernd Carsten Stahl ; Rights and computer ethics / John Sullins ; Conflict, security and computer ethics / John Arquilla ; Personal values and computer ethics / Alison Adam ; Global information and computer ethics / Charles Ess and May Thorseth ; Computer ethics and applied contexts / John Weckert and Adam Henschke -- Ethical issues in artificial contexts. The ethics of IT-artefacts / Vincent Wiegel ; Artificial life, artifical agents, virtual realities : technologies of autonomous agency / Colin Allen ; On new technologies / Stephen Clarke -- Metaethics. The foundationalist debate in computer ethics / Herman T. Tavani -- Epilogue : the ethics of the information society in a globalized world / Luciano Floridi.Includes bibliographical references (p. [284]-312) and index.Information and computer ethicsedited by Luciano Floridi. More Records: Show record informationBook
Short TitleThe Cambridge handbook of information and computer ethics
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