Mobile Technologies : Participation and Surveillance

TitleMobile Technologies : Participation and Surveillance
Publication TypeSyllabi
AuthorsShilton, K
PublisherUniversity of California at Los Angeles, Department of Information Studies
Place PublishedLos Angeles
Year of Publication2010
Publication Languageeng
AbstractTaught during the Spring Quarter of 2010, this course, developed and taught by Katie Shilton of the Department of Information Studies of the University of California at Los Angeles explores the potential for using mobile technologies such mobile phones as a technology platform for citizen participation in research and discovery or as a tool for mass surveillance. The course discusses how location-based technologies and mobile phone applications collect and combine data in new ways, and the ethical questions raised in their use including who should build and control processes such as data storage, aggregation, sharing and retention, what policies should be in place to control tis data, and how this data should be used. The course asks students to evaluate the opportunities and risks for emerging technologies, to analyze new technologies from policy and ethical perspectives and to propose new policy and technical solutions to social challenges posed by new technologies. The syllabus for the course can be downloaded below, and more information about the Participatory Privacy Regulation project can be found by following the link below to the the Urban Sensing site of UCLA's Center for Embedded Networked Sensing.
Keywordscomputer , Computer Ethics , COMPUTER science , Geographic , Geographic Information Sciences , information , Library and Information Science , Privacy , Privacy and Surveillance
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