Ethics and Relationships in Laboratories and Research Communities

TitleEthics and Relationships in Laboratories and Research Communities
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsWeil, V, Arzbaecher, R
JournalProfessional Ethics: A Multidisciplinary Journal
Type of ArticleJournal Article
Publication Languageeng
ISSN Number1063-6579
AbstractScientific research is a highly decentralized enterprise. Research groups and laboratories are characterized by extreme disparities of power and they require cooperation and collaboration in a very competitive environment. Opportunities for unfair treatment, even exploitation, of the less powerful and for unchecked competition threaten the trust and responsible conduct on which the scientific enterprise relies. Seven vignettes of situations in research groups highlight important conflicts that arise. Commentary on the vignettes identifies issues of professional ethics and morality in those situations and explores defensible ways for the agents to deal with their situations and policies for their groups to adopt.
NotesCover Date: Spring-Summer 1995.Source Info: 4(3-4), 83-125. Language: English. Journal Announcement: 31-1. Subject: AIDS; COMMUNITY; ETHICS; LABORATORY; RESEARCH; RESPONSIBILITY. Update Code: 20100311.
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