STS 210: Ethics, Science, and Technology

TitleSTS 210: Ethics, Science, and Technology
Publication TypeSyllabi
AuthorsMcGinn, R
PublisherStanford University
Year of Publication2006
AbstractIn this course, developed by Dr. Robert McGinn of Stanford University, students are asked to look at a number of ethical controversies spawned by recent or emerging technical advances and subject them to vigorous critical analysis, focusing on issues of privacy, intellectual property, equity of access in relation t0 developments in computers, information technology, and biotechnology, and issues of individual liberty and public interest in the areas of human reproduction and life extension, among other topics. The syllabus includes a description of papers and presentations required for the class and a calendar of reading assignments.
KeywordsENGINEERING , ethics , ethics courses , Instructional , Instructional Methods , PHILOSOPHY , SCIENCE , Science and Technology Studies
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