Influence of Culture on Ethical Decision Making in Psychology

TitleInfluence of Culture on Ethical Decision Making in Psychology
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsZheng, P, Gray, MJ, Zhu, W-Z, Jiang, G-R
JournalEthics & Behavior
Date Published2014
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number10508422
KeywordsAMERICAN , analysis , CHINA , CHINESE , COUNSELING , cultural , Data , DECISION , descriptive , ethics , PSYCHOLOGY , Rule , State , United
AbstractThis study focused on the influence of American and Chinese cultures on consequentialism orientation in decision-making within the broader context of psychologists’ academic roles and responsibilities. Based on the American Psychological Association Ethics Code, 20 ethical scenarios in 5 domains in psychology were created and used to examine the influence of culturally ethical beliefs on psychologists’ decision making among 181 participants. The results indicated that significant cultural differences in consequentialism orientation differentiated Chinese and American participants and influenced their resolution of ethical issues. 
NotesZheng, Ping 1 Gray, Matt J. 1 Zhu, Wen-Zhen 2 Jiang, Guang-Rong 2; Affiliation: 1: Department of Psychology, University of Wyoming 2: Department of Psychology, Central China Normal University, Hubei Provincial Key Laboratory of Human Development and Mental Health; Source Info: Nov2014, Vol. 24 Issue 6, p510; Subject Term: ANALYSIS of variance; Subject Term: COUNSELING; Subject Term: ETHICS; Subject Term: PSYCHOLOGY; Subject Term: DECISION making -- Moral & ethical aspects; Subject Term: CULTURAL values; Subject Term: DATA analysis -- Software; Subject Term: DESCRIPTIVE statistics; Subject Term: CHINA; Subject Term: UNITED States; Author-Supplied Keyword: American; Author-Supplied Keyword: Chinese; Author-Supplied Keyword: ethics in psychology; Author-Supplied Keyword: rule consequentialism; Author-Supplied Keyword: state consequentialism; NAICS/Industry Codes: 624190 Other Individual and Family Services; Number of Pages: 13p; Document Type: Article