Philosophy 279 - Biomedical Ethics

TitlePhilosophy 279 - Biomedical Ethics
Publication TypeSyllabi
AuthorsSeay, G
Corporate AuthorsCity University of New York,
PublisherCity University of New York, Medger Evers College, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Year of Publication2014
Date Published01/2014
Publication LanguageEnglish
AbstractThis is a syllabus from a bioethics course taught in the spring 2014 semester by Dr. Gary Seay, a professor of philosophy at the City University of New York. The course provides a systematic survey of important ethical issues in medicine, showing how an understanding of these questions depends on their being properly framed within moral philosophy. After looking at the history of professional ethics in medicine, the course focuses on nine major moral controversies in the medical field, including abortion, patient autonomy, telling the truth in medicine, confidentiality, medical futility, physician-assisted dying, the right to genetic knowledge, race issues in medicine, and allocating scarce medical resources. The syllabus includes a list of readings and course requirements.
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