AFA Code of Ethics


American Federation of Astrologers (AFA)


Date Approved: 

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 I, by indicating my agreement below, subscribe to the following Code of Ethics as a condition of membership in the AFA:

I recognize that a precise astrological opinion cannot honestly be rendered unless it is based on a horoscope cast for the year, month, day, time of day, and correct geographical location of the place of birth.

I agree not to render such an opinion without this detailed information, unless the horoscope of the individual has been rectified by accepted astrological methods, or unless I positively state to the interested party that such conclusions are reached by alternative methods.

I agree not to interpolate or introduce into any astrological deduction any interpretations that are irrelevant to the science of astrology without first stating that such deductions are neither based upon the chart nor identified with the science.

I agree to respect and hold inviolable all confidences placed in me by consultation except where they may involve an act of felony or treason.

I agree not to use my identification with the AFA in any unethical manner and will work to expose those who do.