Code of Ethics (Undated)


Alberta Association of Fund Raising Executives


AAFRE Code of Ethics

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Code of Ethics

Members shall be responsible far conducting activities in accordance with accepted professional standards of accuracy, truth and good faith.

Members shall encourage institutions they serve:

  • to conduct their affairs in accordance with accepted principles of sound business and financial management, and accounting procedures
  • to use donations only for the donors' intended purposes
  • to comply with applicable local, provincial and federal laws.

Members shall recommend to the institutions they serve, only those fund-raising goals which they believe can be achieved, based on their professional experience, and an investigation, and rational analysis of the facts.

Members shall work for salary, retainer or fee, not a commission. If employed by a fund-raising organization, the organization shall operate in its client/consultant relationship on the basis of a predetermined fee, and not a percentage of funds raised.

Members shall make full disclosure to employers, clients or, if requested, potential donors, all relationships which might pose or appear to pose possible conflicts of interest. As fundraising executives they will neither seek, nor accept, "finder's fees".

Members shall hold confidential, and leave intact, all lists, records and documents, acquired in the service of current or former employers, and clients.

A member's public demeanor shall be such, as to bring credit to the fund-raising profession.