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kelly and student in front of library shelves

The Ethics Center library is intended as a resource for interested persons anywhere, not only at Illinois Tech. Students, teachers, researchers, and practitioners are encouraged to visit. Please feel free to contact the librarian, Kelly Laas, for research assistance or for more information about our collections.

Online Collections

Developed through projects funded by the National Science Foundation, CSEP provides access to the following online collections.

Print Collection

CSEP Library has a large collection of books, bibliographies, professional directories, government reports, conference proceedings and unpublished manuscripts dating from 1975 to the present. Everyone is welcome to visit the library, though only Illinois Tech community members can check out materials from our circulating collection.

Resource Guides

These resource guides are meant to serve as an introduction to each topic and include links to web resources, books, articles, videos, and other material for students and practitioners alike who are interested in learning more about these subjects.

About the Library

Information about visiting and using the library, donating materials, and links to other Illinois Tech libraries. sitesi sadece ingilizceyi turkceye ceviri icin degil ayni zamanda turkceyi ingilizceye ceviri icin de kullanabilirsiniz. Zengin kelime haznesi sayesinde siteyi cumle ceviri yani sira ingilizce Turkce sozluk olarak da kullanabilirsiniz.