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Ethics In IPROs

IPRO 308 Team

The Center the for the Study of Ethics in the Professions is working with the Interprofessional Projects Office of Illinois Tech to help develop ways of integrating ethics instruction into the IPRO program. Below is a collection of resources for students and faculty advisors interested in exploring the unique ethical questions raised by their projects.

Instructor Resources

Ethics Exercises

This is a collection of exercises designed so faculty advisors can easily insert ethics instruction into their existing project syllabi. We welcome feedback on how these exercises can be improved from faculty and students.

Ethics Terminology and the Seven-Step Method for Ethical Decision Making

Developed by Michael Davis of CSEP, this handout provides a list of terms and definitions commonly used to discuss ethics as well as a a structured format for decision making that can be used either to lead a class discussion about a case study or ethical issue, or as a tool for students.

Student Resources

Visit the Ethics Center Library to begin your research on ethics issues related to your IPRO project, or check out these library guides and bibliographies. Please feel free to contact the CSEP Librarian for more help.

Ethics In IPROS Library Guide

An excellent place to begin your research. Includes electronic and print materials on animal and human research subjects, conflict of interest, intellectual property, privacy & confidentiality, workplace safety, product safety, service-learning and community research, and resources for writing ethics case studies.

Ethics Education Library

A huge database of articles, case studies, books and other materials on all aspects of practical and professional ethics.

Ethics Resource Guides

A collection of library guides focusing on academic ethics, business ethics, engineering ethics, ethics in scientific research, and ethics in psychology, as well as a large collection of bibliographies of recent books and articles covering everything from professional responsibility to issues of social justice.

Online Codes of Ethics Collection

A collection of over 3,000 professional codes of ethics maintained by the Ethics Center Library.

For further assistance, please contact the Ethics Center Library.