Developing a framework for responsible innovation

TitleDeveloping a framework for responsible innovation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsStilgoe, J, Owen, R, MacNaghten, P
JournalResearch Policy
Pagination1568 - 1580
Date PublishedJan-11-2013
ISSN Number00487333
AbstractThe governance of emerging science and innovation is a major challenge for contemporary democracies. In this paper the authors present a framework for understanding and supporting efforts aimed at ‘responsible innovation’. The framework was developed in part through work with one of the first major research projects in the controversial area of geoengineering, funded by the UK Research Councils. The article describes the case study, and how this became a location to articulate and explore four integrated dimensions of responsible innovation: anticipation, reflexivity, inclusion and responsiveness.
Short TitleResearch Policy