Responsible innovation across borders: tensions, paradoxes and possibilities

TitleResponsible innovation across borders: tensions, paradoxes and possibilities
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsMacnaghten, P, Owen, R, Stilgoe, J, Wynne, B, Azevedo, A, de Campos, A, Chilvers, J, Dagnino, R, di Giulio, G, Frow, E, Garvey, B, Groves, C, Hartley, S, Knobel, M, Kobayashi, E, Lehtonen, M, Lezaun, J, Mello, L, Monteiro, M, J. da Costa, P, Rigolin, C, Rondani, B, Staykova, M, Taddei, R, Till, C, Tyfield, D, Wilford, S, Velho, L
JournalJournal of Responsible Innovation
Date Published2014/05/04
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number2329-9460
AbstractIn March 2014 a group of early career researchers and academics from Sao Paulo state and from the UK met at the University of Campinas to participate in a workshop on "Responsible Innovation and the Governance of Socially Controversial Technologies". In this Perspective we describe key reflections and observations from the workshop discussions, paying particular attention to the discourse of responsible innovation from a cross-cultural perspective. We describe a number of important tensions, paradoxes and opportunities that emerged over the three days of the workshop.