Embracing variety: introducing the inclusive modelling of (Parliamentary) technology assessment

TitleEmbracing variety: introducing the inclusive modelling of (Parliamentary) technology assessment
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsGanzevles, J, van Est, R, Nentwich, M
JournalJournal of Responsible Innovation
Date Published2014/09/02
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number2329-9460
AbstractThis article introduces an inclusive way of modelling (Parliamentary) Technology Assessment, (P)TA as developed in the European PACITA project. It incorporates interdependencies between and diversity among existing and potential (P)TA practices in a more inclusive and fine-grained way than existing literature does. We model (P)TA as a mediating function between the spheres of parliament, government, science and technology, and society. We suggest that this mediation takes place through a set of interaction mechanisms that include institutional, organizational and project dimensions. In this way, we distinguish among 15 potential interaction models for (P)TA. Our more inclusive way of modelling may be used to map and discuss fruitful evolutionary pathways for (P)TA in countries and regions where (P)TA already exists or where the ambassadorship for (P)TA is about to take off. In the conclusion, we reflect on the relevance of our modelling for the discourse on and practice of responsible innovation.