Scenarios in Business and Engineering Settings

TitleScenarios in Business and Engineering Settings
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2006
Corporate AuthorsNational Academy of Engineering, OEC
PublisherNational Academy of Engineering, Online Ethics Center
Keywordschemical , CHEMICAL engineering , Conflict , Conflict of Interest , electrical , ELECTRICAL engineering , Employer/Employee Relationships , ENGINEERING , INDUSTRIAL , INDUSTRIAL engineering , Intellectual , Intellectual Property and Patents , Mechanical , mechanical engineering , product , Product and Consumer Safety , product liability , professional , professional responsibility , software , software engineering
AbstractThe scenarios are intended to stimulate discussion. If you are so inclined, consider using one in a "role playing" mode. You may play "the boss" or other suitable character and have a participant play the engineer. You then try to convince the engineer to behave in accord with some of the implied practices given in the comments and questions of the scenario. It may be useful, and even necessary, to discuss first the given part of the scenario so as to be sure it is understood. One should not become too concerned with the technical details. Take these as givens, and maintain concentration on the ethics issues.
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