Certified Hazardous Materials Practitioner Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct


Institute of Hazardous Materials Management


Institute of Hazardous Materials Management

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Code of Ethics

Certified Hazardous Materials Practitioner
Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

The CHMP Code of Ethics sets forth the ethical principles to be observed by Certified Hazardous Materials Practitioners. CHMPs shall, in their workplace activities, sustain and advance the integrity and honor of the practice of hazardous materials management by adherence to this Code of Ethics. CHMPs who violate any provision of the Code of Ethics will be subject to disciplinary action by a peer review panel, which may result in suspension or revocation of the credential.

1. A CHMP shall practice in a manner consistent with all applicable laws and regulations; shall demonstrate integrity, honesty, and fairness in all activities; and shall strive for excellence in all matters of ethical conduct. The designations “Certified Hazardous Materials Practitioner” and “CHMP” may not be used by anyone for any purpose that is untruthful, misleading, or in violation of any law or government regulation. A CHMP must approach other individuals with the requisite balance of knowledge, skill, experience, and professionalism in the conduct of all activities, and in a manner free of bias with regard to religion, ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, or disability.

2. A CHMP’s primary responsibility is to protect the public and the environment. All actions taken on behalf of a client or employer must be consistent with this primary responsibility. The interests of individual clients and employers must be secondary to protecting public health and safety, national security, and the environment.

3. A CHMP shall act with integrity in all relationships with employers or clients. A CHMP has an obligation to disclose fully to an affected employer or client any conflicts of interest resulting from business affiliations or personal interests, and to maintain the security and confidentiality of an employer’s or a client’s confidential information.

4. A CHMP shall represent his or her qualifications honestly, and shall function only within his or her area and level of competence. A CHMP is expected to judge objectively his or her own level of competence, and to function within that level of personal confidence and expertise. When a CHMP is expected by a client or employer to function outside of his or her area or current level of competence, the CHMP must seek appropriate expertise, or suggest that the client or employer find a qualified person.

5. A CHMP shall behave with professional decorum and restraint, and shall not exhibit conduct that brings discredit on the CHMP Program. The CHMP is a representative of the Program and must conduct himself or herself accordingly.

6. A CHMP shall comply with and uphold all policies, procedures, guidelines, and requirements of IHMM; shall use the designations “CHMP” and “Certified Hazardous Materials Practitioner” only as authorized by IHMM; shall acknowledge that the certificate and marks are the property of IHMM; and shall return the certificate and discontinue use of the designation and marks when required to do so by IHMM.

A CHMP shall accept responsibility for maintaining the credential through recertification, shall remain current in the field, and shall continuously uphold the Code of Ethics.

Certified Hazardous Materials Practitioner
Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

The CHMP acknowledges that “Certified Hazardous Materials Practitioner” and “CHMP” are trademarks of the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management, and that he or she is authorized to use these designations only so long as the certification has not expired, been suspended, revoked or voluntarily relinquished, or converted to the Inactive or Retired status.

The CHMP acknowledges that authorized use of “Certified Hazardous Materials Practitioner” and “CHMP” as described in this section does not include the right to use the logo of the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management without express written permission from IHMM.

A CHMP shall voluntarily and immediately report any felony convictions or other legal or disciplinary dispositions that would constitute violations of this Code of Ethics that have not already been disclosed to IHMM, regardless of when they occur.

I understand that violating the Code of Ethics could lead to suspension or revocation of my CHMP certification. I also understand that if my certification lapses, expires, or is revoked for any reason, I will no longer be authorized to use the CHMP designation.

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