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Post-Workshop Materials

This is a selection of classroom exercises, reports, and other materials developed by past participants in the Ethics Across the Curriculum workshops. Many of these can be used as examples for successful strategies for including ethics in your own class curriculum.

Jerry Gravander, Clarkson University, School of Liberal Arts:
Overall Report, Course Background, Course Topic, Essay Topic, Final Report

Gerald E Sohan, USAF Academy
The Economics of Crime Assignment-Test Presentation

Fred Van Dyke, Wheaton College, Dept of Biology:
Presentation, Ethics Across The Curriculum Workshop, 2003

Business Management
Cruz Jose A, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, College of Business Administration:
Overall Report, Ethics Across The Curriculum Workshop, 2002

Biochemical Engineering
Yoshio Katakura, Ph.D, Department of Biotechnology, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
Grade 3-advanced undergraduate course, Ethics Across the Curriculum for Biochemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering
Ali Cinar, Illinois Institute of Technology,Chemical and Environmental Engineering:
Assessment of Design and Operation Alternatives for a Hazardous Chemical Process

Civil Engineering
C. Jotin Khisty, Illinois Institute of Technology, Civil Engineering, 1993:
Ethics Across the Campus: Introducing the Concepts of Ethics in Transportation Engineering

Manuel C. Belino, De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines, Mechanical Engineering :
Syllabus Quiz-Exams Handouts Mechanical Engineering Applications for Civil Engineers

Gayle E. Ermer, Calvin College, Department of Engineering:
Integrating Ethics to Freshmen, Course Syllabus
Ethics Across the Curriculum Plan (EAC)

William Highter, University of Massachusetts, Civil and Environmental Engineering:
Introducing Ethics to Freshmen, Integrating Ethics in Design Project

Timothy W. Zeigler, Southern Polytechnic State University, Civil Engineering Technology:
Orientation to the Civil Engineering Profession, Statics

Jamshid Mohammadi, Illinois Institute of Technology, Civil and Architectural Engineering:
Presentation, Ethics Across The Curriculum Workshop, 2002.

Ryan Dupont, Division of Environmental Engineering Utah State University:
Overall Report, Ethics Across The Curriculum Workshop, 2002.

Electrical Engineering
Alan Feinerman, University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering:
Test with Answers ECE/ME 449 Test with Answers ECE/ME 541

Barbara Marino, Loyola Marymount University, Department of Electrical Engineering
and Computer Science :
Introduction Handouts 1 2 3 Case Studies: The Marino Filter : Phase (1-3)

Ken Soda, USAF Academy, DFEE:
Introduction to CMOS VLSI System Design Class-Exercise Exam

Harold Stern, ECE, U. of Alabama:
Ethics Lesson #2 — Developing a Code of Professional Ethics
Instructor’s Guide — Developing an Engineering Code of Ethics
Additional Resources Available for Ethical Issues

Mechanical Engineering
Margaret F. Pinnell, University of Dayton, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering :
Design and Ethics Problems (1 - 4)

Peter H. Meckl, Purdue University, School of Mechanical Engineering:
Integrating Ethics into a Control Systems Course Report Homework Assignment

Richard B. Mindek, Jr., Western New England College, Mechanical Engineering :
Ethics Report

Ronald Goulet, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Mechanical Engineering :
Summary Report: Ethics and Engineering Professionalism EEP Reflections

Diane E DiMassa, University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, Mechanical Engineering :
Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Project

Morton Isaacson, Boston University, Department of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering :
Overall Report, Ethics Across The Curriculum Workshop, 2002.

Amy E Jetton, Middle Tennessee State University, Biology Department:
Bio-ethics Case Studies 1 2 Presentation, Tennesse Academy of Science, 2001.