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QED: The Ethical Debaters


QED: The Ethical Debaters is a student organization that discusses ethical and philosophical issues related to modern society, and interested teams of students compete in the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl Competition. This semester, QED meets on Friday afternoons from 1-3 pm. Along with our regular meetings, QED also sponsors numerous events such as lectures and movie nights.

If you are interested in learning more about QED the Ethical Debaters, please visit our Facebook Page or contact Kelly Laas at You can also join our Google Group at

Past Illinois Tech  Ethics Bowl Teams

2018-2019 Ethics Bowl Team 

Sarah Davila '21

Antonio Archilla '21

Coach: Kelly Laas

Assistant Coach: Monika Sziron

2016-2017 Ethics Bowl Team

2017 Illinois Tech Ethics Bowl Team

Alice Arnell '19

Andy Maradni '18

Reno Waswil  '17

Coach: Kelly Laas

2015-2016 Ethics Bowl Team

Alice Arnell '19

Todor Markov'17

Reno Waswil  '17

Coaches, Asia Ferrin, Kelly Laas


Bioethics Bowl Team

Daniel Kirk '16

Jeremiah Shavers '15

Reno Waswil  '17

Coaches, Kelly Laas, Laura Seger

Ehics Bowl Team

Reno Waswil, ‘17

Aaron Truitt, ‘17 

Gaby Sumampouw  ‘15

Coaches , Kelly Laas, Laura Seger

2013-2014 Ethics Bowl Team

Austin Gonzalez '17

Kyle Stanevich '17

Gaby Sumampouw  ‘15

Aaron Truitt, ‘17

Coaches, Kelly Laas, Joseph Miller

2012-2013  Ethics Bowl Team

Ed Feibel (senior, architecture)

Kari Finseth (senior, architecture)

Alexis Renk (sophomore, biomedical engineering)

Tom Waller (junior, biomedical engineering)

Rui Chen (graduate, information technology and management)

Coach:Stephen Harris, Sawyier Predoctoral Fellow in Philosophy,

Assistant Coach: Kelly Laas, Librarian of the Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions

2011-2012  Ethics Bowl Team

Raghuveer Cumar (senior, business)

Kari Finseth (junior, architecture)

Kim Nealy (senior, technical communications)

Ben Silver (senior, computer science)

Tom Waller (junior, biomedical engineering)

Coach: Krissanna Scheiter, Sawyier Predoctoral Fellow in Philosophy

Assistant Coach: Kelly Laas, Librarian of the Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions