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Upper Midwest Ethics Bowl Regional Competition

November 17, 2018
Illinois Institute of Technology Main Campus

Regional Cases (Published September 3rd)

All schools must pay the $125 APPE participation fee to participate in the Regional Competitions, plus the regional fee of $100 per per team to cover costs of running the regional competition (this include catering for teams and volunteer judges and moderators, supplies, etc.). If these fees are an obstacle for any team wishing to compete in the regional competition, please email Kelly Laas at 

APPE Ethics Bowl Regional Registration

Schools are invited to bring up to two teams of no more than 5 members each. Participating schools must have a current APPE Individual or Institutional membership to compete in a IEB regional or national competition.  Teams that qualify for the National Competition will pay an additional $125 after the Regional Competitions are completed.

Hotel & Transportation Information 

Coming in September 2018