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Current Courses

IPRO 497-308 Stimulants for Enhancement Purposes: Exploring Societal and Ethical Issues 
This IPRO project is about pharmacological neuroenhancement, which is the attempt of healthy individuals to use drugs in order to increase mental performance, i.e. attention, arousal or memory. It will investigate the medical, psychosocial and ethical aspects of the use of stimulants such as Ritalin or Adderall and other drugs for academic performance enhancement. Based on a survey (questionnaire and interview study) to be planned and undertaken at three universities in the Chicago area, it aims to obtain information on students’ views and experiences concerning pharmacological neuroenhancement. In addition, the group will develop educational materials for the IIT community to help students and faculty become more aware of some of the health, ethical and societal issues.

Ongoing Courses

Phil 332 Political Philosophy
Examination of different conceptions of legitimate political authority; includes discussion of ideas of social justice, natural rights, sovereignty.

Phil 370 Engineering Ethics
A study of the problems of moral and social responsibility for the engineering profession, including such topics as safety, confidentiality, and government regulation.
 PHIL 371 Ethics in Architecture
A study of the moral problems architects must resolve in the practice of their profession, including problems of confidentiality, candor, esthetics, their and economy arising from the special responsibilities of architects to and public, client, employer, and colleagues.
Phil 373 Business Ethics
Ethical issues relating to individual and corporate responsibility, self and governmental regulation, investment, advertising, urban problems, the environment, preferential hiring.
Phil 377 Communication Law and Ethics
This course explores ethical and legal issues concerning communication in diverse contexts such as: the mass media -e.g. print, broadcast, and electronic government and politics; organizational hierarchies - e.g. public and private sector workplaces; academic life - e.g. the classroom, student, and faculty affairs; and interpersonal relations - e.g. love, friendship, marriage.