Code Making: How Software Engineering Became a Profession

Michael Davis, a senior fellow of CSEP, was a participant observer throughout the drafting of the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and afterwards wrote a detailed account of how the code was developed by the ACM and IEEE-CS committee. “Code Making” gives insight in how the profession of software engineering was formed and wrote its own code of professional ethics, and also looks at this project as a case study to see how other professional societies can better go about drafting and revising their own codes of ethics. This book is under review for publication, and so the full-text is no longer available for download.

 Full Edition of Code Making PDF (1,735 kb)

Download by Chapter:

Title, Table of Contents, Preface PDF (41 kb) 4

Chapter One: This History, Professions, and their Ethics PDF (61 kb) 12

Part One: Slow Starts and Wrong Turns

Chapter Two: Before SEEPP, 1968-1994 PDF (78 kb) 25

Chapter Three: SEEPP Begins, 1994 PDF (110 kb) 44

Chapter Four: Failing—by the book, 1995 PDF (87 kb) 68

Chapter Five: Version 1, The Miracle of ’96 PDF  (131 kb) 90

Chapter Six: The High Politics of 1996 PDF  (105 kb) 126

Part Two: 1997—Three Versions in One Year

Chapter Seven: Winter Whirlwind, Version 2.0 PDF (161 kb) 156

Chapter Eight: English Spring, Version 2a-2.1 PDF (169 kb) 194

Chapter Nine: Back in the USA, Version 3 PDF (134 kb) 237

Chapter Ten: Slogging toward “Version 4.DONE” PDF (164 kb) 271

Part Three: Looking for Closure

Chapter Eleven: The Long Process of Approval, 1998 PDF (226 kb) 312

Chapter Twelve: End Game, Version 5.2, 1999-2000 PDF (87 kb) 354

Epilogue: Lessons for Code Writers, Theorists, and Researchers PDF (122 kb) 374


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