Acronyms in the Software Engineering Archive

ABET: Accreditation board for Engineering Technology

ACM : Association of Computing Machinery

ASQC: American Society for Quality Control

CCSR: Center for Computing and Social Responsibility

COPP: Committee for Public Policy

DACS: Data Analysis Center for Software

DPMA: Data Processing Management Association

ESA : European Space Agency

FURPS: Functionality, Usability, Reliability, Performance, Supportability

HOOD: Hierarchic Object Oriented Design

ICSE: International Conference of Software Engineering

IEEE-CS: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers-Computer Science

IFIP: International Federation for Information Processing

MAB: Membership Activity board

MOPAC: Molecular Orbital Package

NCERC: National Computer Ethics and Responsibility Campaign

NCR: National Cash Register Company

NECC: National Educational Computing Conference

NSPE: National Society of Professional Engineering Code of Ethics

PASE: Professional Awareness in Software Engineering

PSDI: Project Software and Development

SEEPP: Software Engineering Ethics & Professional Practice

SCS : School of Computer Science

SEI : Software Engineering Institute

SIGSOFT: Special Interest Group on Software Engineering

SIGCAS : Special Interest Group on Computers and Society

SWECC: Software Engineering Coordination Committee

SWIFT: Society of Worldwide Interbank Financial Tellecommunication

SWEBOK: Software Engineering Body Of Knowledge

TOSEM: Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology

UNICOM: Universal Integrated Communication