Requesting Access to the Archive

The IEEE-CS/ACM Software Engineer’s Code of Ethics Archive is composed of interviews of main participants in the project, the email correspondence of the drafting and adoption of Software Engineer's Code of Ethics, the manuscript of Code Making: How Software Engineering Became a Profession, and related documents and published articles on the project.

Due to the confidential nature of some of the material housed in the SE Archive, access to many of the documents in the collection is restricted to researchers who apply and receive written consent from the CSEP Library. Beginning January 1, 2020, all documents in the Software Engineering archive will be fully available to the public. Until this time, researchers interested in the archive should refer to the following directions to gain access to the archive.

Access to Levels of Archive

Due to the nature of some of the material in the archive, the contents of the archive is divided into three different categories:

Level 1: This level is open to all researchers and includes introductory material on the archive, interviews with some of the major participants in the project, and a bibliography of articles and other publications related to the project.

Level 2: Correspondence from 1991-2002 documenting the drafting of the Software Engineer's Code of Ethics and Professional Practice, interviews of main participants who have not given consent for their interview transcripts to be in level 1, and the full length technical report of Code Making: How Software Engineering Became a Profession by Michael Davis. This level is accessible to researchers who have filled out the Application for Access to Restricted Records, shown or sent proof of identification, and gained written approval from the librarian. After approval, you will be given a temporary password that will allow you to access level 2 of the archive. For forms and more information, go to the policy and forms section of this page.

Level 3: Section of archive closed to all researchers until January 1, 2020.


Quoting and Citing Materials

Researchers who wish to quote from material housed in the Software Engineer's Code of Ethics should observe the following:

Level 1 : Any use of materials from the Software Engineering Archive should include the following information along with the relevant document information:
IEEE-CS/ACM Software Engineer's Code of Ethics Archive
Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions
Illinois Institute of Technology
Chicago, IL

Level 2 & 3: Until January 1, 2020, materials in level 2 or level 3 of the IEEE-CS/ACM Software Engineer’s Code of Ethics archive may not be quoted in any publicly available format (print or electronic form), except with permission from the original author/ person whose words were originally quoted. For help obtaining permission please contact CSEP Library.

Policy and Forms

Policy for accessing restricted records of the IEEE-CS/ACM Software Engineer’s Code of Ethics Archive:

1) A researcher seeking to access level 2 shall complete an Application for Access to Restricted Records form and provide proof of identification. (In the form of a presented or faxed/scanned copy of a university ID, state-issued ID, etc.) By signing in the “Access to Restricted Records Form” the research has agreed to obey all the rules listed.
2) The request will be reviewed by the Librarian and the Director, and access shall be granted for all legitimate scholarly research projects or for other appropriate uses.
3) The researcher will be contacted in writing, via email or regular mail, as to the status of his/her application in no more than two working days. If approved, the written consent will include a temporary password to level 2 of the archive.

Download Application for Restricted Records Access