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In 1993, the world's two largest associations of software developers, the IEEE Computer Society, and the Association of Computing Machinery, formed a joint committee of individuals interested in organizing "software engineering" as a profession. One of the tasks set for this committee was to document and codify standards of ethical and professional practices for software engineers. The Software Engineering Code of Ethics Archive documents the efforts of this committee to write this code of ethics.

The online drafting of the code created an important opportunity to study the development of a profession in a unique way. The IIT research team, seeing the potential for a much larger study, submitted and received funding from the National Science Foundation in 2001 that allowed members of CSEP to complete and make available to researchers the following resources:

Interviews of main participants in the project

Electronic archive of correspondence documenting the drafting and final adoption of the "Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice"

Code Making: How Software Engineering Became a Profession by Michael Davis explores the development of the code. This full-length report details the formation of the IEEE-CS/ACM Joint Committee, the long process of drafting and final adoption of the code, and offers insight into how and why these two organizations adopted a code of ethics.

Due to privacy issue some parts of the archive require permission from CSEP Library to access. Please visit accessing the archive for more information.

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