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Further Resources for NanoEthicsBank

Nanotechnology Databases:

ICON EHS Database: The ICON Environmental, Health and Safety database contains abstracts and citations of research papers related to the environmental, health and safety implications of Nanoscale materials. Sponsored by the International Council on Nanotechnology located at Rice University. You can also use the Nano-EHS Database Analysis Tool to analyze research trends across time and by category and generate custom reports and graphs of data from the ICON database.

Inventory of Nanotechnology Consumer Products: a database of nanotechnology-based consumer products. While not comprehensive, the 200+ products contained in this database shows the diverse uses of nanotechnology. Funded and maintained by the Woodrow WIlson International Center for Scholars Project on Emerging Nanotechnology.

Inventory of Research on the Environmental, Health, and Safety Implications of Nanotechnology: This is a database of different studies and research done on potential health and environmental risks of nanotechnology. The database is searchable by keyword, or can be browsed by study name. Along with providing information on the institution and funding granted to the project, it also provides a brief abstract of each research project’s findings. Funded by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars Project on Emerging Nanotechnology. Developed at the Labor & Worklife Program at Harvard Law School, this web site addresses the environmental impacts of nanotechnology, as well as issues of occupational safety and health. It will identify key articles, recent and upcoming conferences, links to online resources, and news and reviews of relevance to nanotechnology and the environment.

Nanotechnology Journals

Journal of Nano Education: This peer-reviewed journal provides information about current developments in nanoscale science, technology, engineering, and medical education, as well as periodically focusing on ethical and societal issues.

Journal of Nanoparticle Research: Along with focusing on the concepts, properties, phenomena, and processes related to nanotechnology, this publication often includes important articles about the ethical, legal, and societal impacts of nanotechnology research and development, as well as discussing issues of oversight, funding of research, and international development of nanotechnology.

NanoEthics: This journal focuses on providing a forum for informed discussion about the ethical and social concerns related to nanotechnology.

Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine: Published quarterly, this journal covers basic, clinical, and engineering research in the field of nanomedicine. Articles also cover the commercialization of nanomedicine advances, ethics in nanomedicine, and funding opportunities.

Nanorisk Newsletter: This bi-monthly newsletter published by Nanowerk LLC reviews current toxicology studies of nanoparticles, national and international government regulatory actions, as well as other issues related to the potential environmental and health impacts of nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology Law and Business: This journal is devoted to the legal, business, and policy aspects of nanotechnology, including legislative and regulatory aspects, patent prosecution, and the market impact of nanoscale technologies.

Nanotechnology Perceptions: This journal looks at issues surrounding the development and use of nanotechnology and ultra-precision engineering both from a scientific viewpoint, as well as its potential impact on human life, and society and its institutions.

Nanotoxicology: this is the first journal solely devoted to research looking at potentially toxicological interactions between nano-structured materials and living matter.

Nature Nanotechnology: Published by Nature Publishing, this journal covers all aspects of nanotechnology research, as well as including editorials and other articles about the societal, ethical and legal implications of nanotechnology development.

Institutes dealing with Nanotechnology and Ethics:

Arizona State University Center for Nanotechnology in Society: One of two National Science Foundation centers to study the societal implications of nanotechnologies. Here, interdisciplinary researcher are involved in a number of interesting projects and experiments on public engagement, monitoring changing values of researchers and the public on nanotech, and what they call “real time technology assessment.” See also the Consortium Science, Policy, and Outcomes' library for recent articles published by Center members.

Center for Nano Safety: Based at Edinburgh Napier University, this multi-disciplinary center focuses on addressing the potential human and environmental effects of nanomaterials, incorporating human and environmental toxicology as well as microbiology. Includes news briefs of research being done by Center fellows.

International Nanotechnology and Society Network: The INSN consists of researchers and Center from around the country and world exploring the connections between society and the possible upcoming changes provided by nanotechnology research. Includes links to major publications by INSN members and links to affiliated research centers.

International Council on Nanotechnology(Rice University): ICON’s mission is to access, communicate, and reduce nanotechnology environmental and health risks. The council is made up of academic, corporate, and governmental agencies and seeks to establish a credible knowledge base of environmental health and safety information on nanotechnology and facilitate a dialog between various stakeholders.

Madison's NanoCafés : Sponsored by the Citizen’s Coalition on Nanotechnology and faculty from the University of Wisconsin’s Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center, Madison’s NanoCafés are casual events during which people who want to know more about nanotechnology can listen to experts, ask questions, and share their concerns about the possible benefits and risks associated with nanotechnology research and development.

Meridian Institute- Nanotechnology: Describes a number of international dialogues and projects facilitated by the Meridian Institute that cover issues such as the responsible research and development of nanotechnologies, nanotechnology and the poor, and nanotechnology and federal regulation. Site includes links to papers and databases produced through these discussions.

NanoCenter (University of South Carolina) : One of the leading centers for nanotechnology research and development. Along with facilitating research and education, the NanoCenter also seeks to engage the technical community in a dialogue concerning possible societal and ethical implications of nanotechnology.

National Nanotechnology Initiative Society and Safety : Part of the U.S. NNI web page, this section reports on recent studies dealing with societal implications of nanotechnology. Includes links to newly developed research strategies and reports by government agencies involved in NNI research.

National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network : is an integrated partnership of thirteen user facilities supported by the National Science Foundation, providing unparallel opportunities for nanoscience and nanotechnology research. The site has information about how to start a project in nanotechnology research, links and information about all thirteen user facilities, and provides access to recent research developments in the fields of nanotechnology and nanoparticles. See also NNIN's web page on Societal and Ethical Issues

Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies: sponsored by the Pew Charitable Trust and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, this project’s goal is to help insure that as nanotechnologies advance, possible risks are minimized, public and consumer engagement remains strong, and the potential benefits of these new technologies are realized. Their web site tracks nanotechnology in the news, and contains the full text reports and articles put out by the research projects they support.

Royal Society Nanoscience and Nanotechnology: The Royal Society, who in conjunction with the Royal Academy of Engineering put out the important report "Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies: Opportunities and Uncertainties" has also developed a web site that provides a very good introduction to nanotechnology, as well as its potential societal and ethical implications. It also provides updates and links to the many projects that the Royal Society is involved in to help promote the responsible development of nanotechnology.

SafeNano. This web site was produced through an initiative by the UK Institute of Occupational Medicine that is designed to help industrial and academic communities to quantify and control risks to their workforce, consumers, the general population and the environment by both providing information and consultancy services. This site includes a number of extremely good databases of reports, a summary of some of the latest news developments on environmental, health, and safety (EHS) research in the nano field, as well as a very good blog by Andrew Maynard, a leading scientist in the nano EHS field.

University of California Santa Barbara Center for Nanotechnology in Society: One of two National Science Foundation funded centers researching societal implications of nanotechnology. Research here primarily focuses on public deliberation efforts, intellectual property structures and the innovation process, and the historical and contemporary context of nanotechnologies.

National and International Nanotechnology Research Centers & Institutes

Australian Research Council Nanotechnology Network: this network seeks to bring together academic, government, and industry research organizations to collaborate and share information about nanotech R & D. Includes press releases of current research and symposia, many looking at environmental and health implications of nanotechnology and links to all participating Australian nanotech organizations.

Canada National Research Institute: includes information on current and past research projects, and links to other Canadian Nanotech institutes.

European Union Nanotechnology Portal: Information on funding, current projects, and developments on the regulation of nanotechnology in Europe.

Nanoforum: this pan-European network is a very good source for funding and project information about nanotechnology research and development going on in the European Union, and brings together information from research, business and social communities involved in nanotechnology. It includes a news feed, links to a large number of reports on societal and ethical implications of nanotechnology, and links to other European nanotechnology organizations and web sites.

observatoryNANO: This project's main goal is to collect and analyze data regarding scientific and technological trends (including peer-reviewed publications, patents, road maps, published company data) and economic realities and expectations (including market analysis and economic performance, public and private funding strategies) related to the research and development of nanotechnology. The consortium of institutes involved in this project will also supplement this information with assessment of social and ethical issues, nanotechnology’s impact on health, environment and safety, as well as regulation, standardization, and legislative issues. This data will provide European decision-makers in government, industry and finance with objective information on which to base their future decisions regarding the future of nanotechnology R&D in Europe.

United States National Nanotechnology Initiative: This federal research and development program was established in 2001 to coordinate the multi agency efforts in nanoscale science, engineering, and technology. It includes information explaining what nanotechnology is, a summary of news coverage on nano, and links to other NNI research centers and institutes. See the publications section to track recent developments and reports emerging from government agencies dealing with nanotechnology, and federal funding information.

Web Resources explaining Nanotechnology:

About Nanotechnology: this is a collection of talks, videos, and articles produced by the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies that introduce the science of nanotechnology and explore many of its potential societal implications.