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  • Perspectives on the Professions is the Center's annual publication that seeks to promote serious discussion of important theoretical and practical issues common to a wide variety of professions. All issues can be viewed online, or a paper copy can be sent upon request.

  • Featured Publications Read about our featured publications including: Trying Times: Science and Responsibilities after Daubert, and the Resource Guide, a bibliography of resources on professional ethics and engineering.

  • Modules in Applied Ethics - a series of six modules on professional responsibility produced from an EXXON Education Foundation. This series is intended for use in a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs in such areas as science and/or technology public policy, and professional ethics courses in engineering, business, and computer science.

  • "'Thinking Like An Engineer': The Place of a Code of Ethics in the Practice of a Profession", by CSEP Senior Fellow Michael Davis, is available here. This article first appeared in Philosophy and Public Affairs, vol. 20, no. 2, Spring 1991.

  • Autonomy is a notable essay written by IIT student Noe' Brambila in October, 1996 to fulfill an assignment for a Moral Issues in Engineering course. The assignment asked "How is it possible (if it is) to be self-directed and governed by a code of ethics?".