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Others (CSEP)
A Referral Bank Directory to CSEP's special collection of materials on other centers is available for $10.00.
Beyond Whistleblowing.- Defining Engineers’ Responsibilities,
Bibliography of Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility in Engineering (1980)
Compilation of Statements Relating to Standards of Professional Responsibility and Freedom
Ethics Bowl tapes are available for $10.00 per tape, plus $3.00 postage.
Ladenson, Robert. Critical Attributes of Good Process Decisions: a Guide for Reflective Special Education Hearing Officers, 2011.
Ladenson, Robert. Religion and Ethics, 2011
Limitations Upon Legitimate Authority to Suspend and Expel K-12 Public School Students: A Moral Analysis
Limitations Upon Legitimate Authority to Suspend and Expel K-12 Public School Students: A Moral Analysis by Robert Ladenson
Municipal Service Delivery: Thinking Through the Privatization Option, A Guide for Local Elected Officials by Inge Fryklund, Vivian Weil, and Harriett McCullough
Municipal Service Delivery; Thinking Through the Privatization Option by Inge Fryklund, Dr. Vivian Weil, and Harriett McCullough
Owning Scientific and Technical Information: Value and Ethical Issues, Vivian Weil and John Snapper, eds., Rutgers University Press, is available in paperback for $15.00 per copy.
Six monographs in a series on professional responsibility produced from an EXXON Education Foundation grant are available from CSEP, as well as from the publisher Kendall/Hunt of Dubuque, Iowa.
The Humanities, Health Care and the Elderly by Frederick Elliston is the final report of a series of workshops organized in Chicago on the moral, ethical and social issues in medical care that are especially acute for senior citizens.
Trying Times: Science and Responsibilities after Daubert, edited by Vivian Weil