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CSEP Publications

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The Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions (CSEP) was established in 1976 to promote research and teaching on practical moral problems in the professions, and throughout this long history Center faculty have continued to publish important works in the areas of professional and applied ethics.

Recent Publications by CSEP Fellows

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  2. Davis, Michael. (2015) "Profession and Professionalism" Ethics, Science, Technology, and Engineering: A Global Resource. Brit Holbrook and Carl Mitcham. Farrington, MI: Macmillan Reference USA.
  3. Hildt, Elisabeth (2015). What will this do to my brain? Ethical Issues in brain-to-brain interfacing. Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience.  9(17) 1-4.
  4. Hildt, Elisabeth, Klaus Lieb, Christiana Bagusat, and Andreas D. Franke (2015) Reflections on Addiction in Students Using Stimulants for Neuroenchancement: A Preliminary Interview Study BioMed Research International. Article ID 621075.
  5. Davis, Michael. (2014). Professional Ethics Without Moral Theory: A Practical Guide for the Perplexed Non-Philosopher. Journal of Applied Ethics and Philosophy. Vol. 6, 1-9.
  6. Davis, Michael (2014). "Why Physicians Should Not Be Involved in Hostile Interrogations." Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics. 23(4): 452-460. DOI: 10.1017/S0963180114000127 
  7. Davis, Michael. (2014). "What to consider when preparing a model core curriculum for GIS ethics: objectives, methods, and a sketch of content."Journal of Geography in Higher Education 38(4): 471-480. DOI: 10.1080/03098265.2014.956298
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  25. Weil, Vivian. (2013) “Responsible Management in the Private Sector Nano Enterprises: Conversations with Lead Technologists and Managers.” NanoEthics. 7(3): 217-239.

All CSEP Publications

A list of all publications produced by CSEP faculty associates, scholars and others from 1976 to the present, including presentations, Center publications, journal articles and books. Divided by topic.