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Faculty Collaborators

The Ethics Center is always looking for new collaborative projects, and has worked with faculty from around Illinois Tech and beyond in almost all of the different colleges and departments. Below is a list of some of our colleagues who we are currently collaborating with.

Eric Brey, PhD
Chair of the Department of Biomedical Enginering
University of Texas at San Atonio
Eric Brey is a long-time colleague of the Ethics Center who has worked on several National Science Foundation-funded projects that focused on integrating ethics into the natural course of research and also cultivating ethical cultures in research groups. Dr. Brey has also worked with the Ethics Center to integrate ethics into a series of Research Experiences for Undergraduates who were engaged with different aspects of diabetes research.

Christine Miller, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor, Institute of Design
Christine Miller is a researcher and educator working at the intersection of anthropology, design and business. Her ethnographic study of process formalization and the relationship between innovation and formalization at a Tier One automotive supplier focused on the social and organizational dimensions of innovation processes. As a design anthropologist, her work is explicitly interventionist and transformative, which allows her to engage in all phases of the design process. Her research interests include socio-technical systems and the ways in which sociality and culture influence the design and adoption/adaptation of new products, processes, and technologies. She is also interested in communication and knowledge flows, especially between diverse groups, and collaborative innovation networks. Chris currently works with the CSEP as a Co-PI on an NSF study of ethics in STEM research labs with the goal of developing alternatives to traditional ethics education.