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As part of the Center for the Study of Ethics in the Profession’s mission for supporting research in the fields of practical and professional ethics, we sponsor a number of talks and events throughout the year in collaboration with other departments. Please be sure to check out our blog for more upcoming events and discussion of ethics-related news stories and resources.


Building Inclusive Ethical Cultures in STEM:A Virtual Practice-based Workshop


Please join us for a virtual workshop to be held April 23-24th, 2021 that seeks to share best practices to effectively engage students and faculty working in researhc labs and lab-based classsrooms in building inclusive ethical cultures. The two-day workshop will feature a series of short presentations and panel discussions that showcase best practices and approaches to embedding educational interventions in research labs and lab-based courses. These short presentations and panel discussions will be followed by a workshop where effective frameworks for implementing recommendations made by the panelists are discussed, best practices and potential hurdles are shared, and participants are guided through the development of personalized plans for implementing some of these educational interventions in their labs, courses, or departments.


Ethics Bowl Team

This year Illinois Tech will be bringing a team to the APPE Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl Regional Competition If you are interesting in learning more about the ethics bowl or being a part of the team, please send an email to

IPRO Ethics Roundtable Discussions

As part of the ethics component for Illinois Tech's IPRO program, the Center organizes a number of roundtable discussions where IPRO teams have the chance to ask questions and discuss the ethical implications of their project with a number of subject experts. Experts can be from the IIT community, leaders from companies and non-profit groups with experience in ethics, and educators from all different backgrounds. If you are interested in attending one of these discussions as an expert or a member of the audience, or having the Center help you organize one of these talks, please email us.