Integrating Ethical Codes Roundtable

group discussion

In October of 2017 CSEP and the Stuart Business School hosted a roundtable discussion, Integrating Ethical Codes and Concerns in Multiple Disciplinary Teams: A Roundtable Discussion.

Although most students have some exposure to ethics education through their university programs, the opportunities to apply ethics training in real world circumstances are rare, especially for those who will eventually work in multiple disciplinary teams where members may have different levels of training in, and interpretations of, what constitutes ethical practice. As the pace of innovation increases and new areas of scientific, design, and commercial practices emerge, conventional ethics education may be insufficient for situations that students will encounter in their professional careers.

Our goal of the roundtable was to begin a conversation about ethics in situations where multiple perspectives – those of clients, diverse set of team members, and stakeholders - create a need for thinking about the complexities of ethical issues.

Designers Samantha Dempsey and Ciara Taylor, creators of Ethics Quest and the Designer's Oath, shared some of their experiences working with diverse stakeholders in thinking through complex ethical issues and the role games can plan in helping to facilitate these sometimes hard conversations. Participants shared their experiences from a diverse number of backgrounds including education, gerontology, health care, and even how to start conversations about end of life care with family members. Take-aways included the need to navigate power differences that exist in these discussions, the need to create a safe space where individuals feel comfortable sharing their ideas and views, and ways to motivate a wider discussion of these issues in the Illinois Tech community and beyond.