Ethics and Responsible Conduct in the Real World: Panel Discussion

alumni speaking

In November of 2017, CSEP along with the Stuart School of Business and the Armour College of Engineering hosted a panel discussion focused on ethics in the real world. The panel was composed of several Alumni of IIT including Dr. Adarsh Arora, Chief Executive Officer, Reputada, Inc. and Coleman Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Illinois Tech School of Applied Technology, Joshua James (BME ‘11), J.D., Associate of Brinks, Gilson & Lione (Intellectual Property Law Firm), Hajra Sattar (BME ‘16) Research and Development User Testing at Opternative, and Cecilie Tassone (BME ‘14), Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of PraxiCut.

Panelists detailed their experiences handling and confronting ethical questions and situations in their daily work. Questions asked by facilitator Christine Miller included but were not limited to:

Can you talk about some of the ethical issues you’ve encountered in your professional life?

Can you reflect on what you thought you would encounter in terms of ethical issues compared to what you actually faced in your professional experience?

What inspiration or advice would you give to students about how they might prepare to deal with ethical issues once they leave university?

One memorable piece of advice from Dr. Adarsh Arora was, “Surround yourself with ethical people.”

The event was concluded with presentations from student groups involved in our research project, “ A Bottom-Up Approach to Building a Culture of Responsible Research and Practice in STEM.” Students presented on discussion tools they developed as part of an interactive workshop held within the Biomedical Engineering Introduction to the Professions course taught by Dr. Promilla Dhar.