Ethics Codes Collection Update

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The Ethics Codes Collection (ECC) is the largest database of codes of ethics and guidelines in the world. It contains over 2,500 individual codes from around 1,500 different organizations, and collects both current and historical versions of these documents. The ECC seeks to provide practitioners, students, scholars and the public access to codes of ethics and guidelines and in this way inform ethical decision making in professional, entrepreneurial, scientific, and technological fields.

In January of 2016, the Center received a generous grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to enhance the Ethics Codes Collection. Funding from the MacArthur Foundation will provide the resources to embark on an extensive design strategy to improve the digital ECC, and will include tools such as better keyword search, sorting capabilities, comparisons, and downloading in different formats. Funding will also enable new research on the current and future roles of ethics codes within society, business, and technological innovation. This grant will help the ECC serve as a more dynamic global resource for informing ethical decision making, and inform critical research into the advancement of ethical practices in a rapidly changing world. A pre-release version of the site will be available to the public in February 2018, and the final website will be up in May of 2018.