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Advance directives in dementia research: The opinions and arguments of clinical researchers - an empirical study

Ethical Challenges and Legal Issues for Mental Health Professionals Working With Family Caregivers of Individuals With Serious Mental Illness

Altruistic reasoning in adolescent-parent dyads considering participation in a hypothetical sexual health clinical trial for adolescents

Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior in Academic Cheating Research–Cross-Cultural Comparison

Uncovering a New Moral Dilemma of Economic Optimization in Biotechnological Processing

Feedback on Professional Skills as Enculturation into Communities of Practice

Laboratory Management Institute: A Model for the Professional Development of Scientists

Perceptions of the Limitations of Confidentiality Among Chinese Mental Health Practitioners, Adolescents and Their Parents

Parental Estimation of Their Child's Increased Type 1 Diabetes Risk During the First 2 Years of Participation in an International Observational Study: Results From the TEDDY study