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European Public Deliberation on Brain Machine Interface Technology: Five Convergence Seminars

Contentious Problems in Bioscience and Biotechnology: A Pilot Study of an Approach to Ethics Education

Engineering and the social sciences: historical evolution of interdisciplinary approaches to hazard and disaster

Bridge Construction in Guatemala: Linking Social Issues and Engineering

D. H. Zitomer, Gabor, M., and Johnson, P., Bridge Construction in Guatemala: Linking Social Issues and Engineering, Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education & Practice, vol. 129, no. 3, p. 143, 2003.

Teaching the Ethics of Science and Engineering through Humanities and Social Science: A Case Study of Evolving Student Perceptions of Nanotechnology

The Why and How of Enabling the Integration of Social and Ethical Aspects in Research and Development

Challenges of Research Ethics Education in the University: The View from University Offices of Research

Dialogue on Sustainable Development as Part of Engineering Education: The Relevance of the Finnish Case