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SANTORI : Ethics Assessment in Different Fields Natural Sciences Ethical Assessment of Research and Innovation: A Comparative Analysis of Practices and Institutions in the EU and selected other countries

Improving Case-Based Ethics Training with Codes of Conduct and Forecasting Content

Relationships Between the Survey of Organizational Research Climate (SORC) and Self-Reported Research Practices

Aligning Objectives and Assessment in Responsible Conduct of Research Instruction

A. L. Antes and DuBois, J. M., Aligning Objectives and Assessment in Responsible Conduct of Research Instruction, Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education, vol. 15, no. 2, pp. 108-116, 2014.

Can students' reasons for choosing set answers to ethical vignettes be reliably rated? Development and testing of a method

Effectiveness of a Responsible Conduct of Research Course: A Preliminary Study

Navigating Bioethical Waters: Two Pilot Projects in Problem-Based Learning for Future Bioscience and Biotechnology Professionals

Professional Decision-Making in Research (PDR): The Validity of a New Measure

Teaching and Learning Responsible Research Conduct: Influences of Prior Experiences on Acceptance of New Ideas

Does Ethics Education Influence the Moral Action of Practicing Nurses and Social Workers?