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Informed Consent: Practices and Views of Investigators in a Multinational Clinical Trial

Developing Model Language for Disclosing Financial Interests to Potential Clinical Research Participants

Shaping Medical Students' Attitudes Toward Ethically Important Aspects of Clinical Research: Results of a Randomized, Controlled Educational Intervention

Are these data real? Statistical methods for the detection of data fabrication in clinical trials

Tenured and Non-Tenured College of Education Faculty Motivators and Barriers in Grant Writing; A Public University in the South

Public deliberation to develop ethical norms and inform policy for biobanks: Lessons learnt and challenges remaining

A Survey of Expectations About the Role of Robots in Robot-Assisted Therapy for Children with ASD: Ethical Acceptability, Trust, Sociability, Appearance, and Attachment

An Ethical Issue Scale for Community Pharmacy Setting (EISP): Development and Validation

Professional Decision-Making in Research (PDR): The Validity of a New Measure

Research Misconduct in the Croatian Scientific Community: A Survey Assessing the Forms and Characteristics of Research Misconduct