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A Role for Nature-Based Citizen Science in Promoting Individual and Collective Climate Change Action? A Systematic Review of Learning Outcomes.

Cross-Field Comparison of Ethics Education: Golden Rules and Particulars.

T. J. Mulhearn, Watts, L. L., Torrence, B. S., E. Todd, M., Turner, M. R., Connelly, S., and Mumford, M. D., Cross-Field Comparison of Ethics Education: Golden Rules and Particulars., Accountability in Research: Policies & Quality Assurance, vol. 24, no. 4, pp. 211 - 224, 2017.

The Guinea Phase III Ebola Vaccine Trial: Lessons for Research Ethics Review in Public Health Emergencies.

Catalyzing Public Engagement With Climate Change Through Informal Science Learning Centers

Engaging the Public at a Science Festival: Findings From a Panel on Human Gene Editing

Understanding Climate Change Risk Perceptions in China: Media Use, Personal Experience, and Cultural Worldviews

America COMPETES at 5 years: An Analysis of Research-Intensive Universities’ RCR Training Plans

Improving Student Engagement in the Study of Professional Ethics: Concepts and an Example in Cyber Security

On Effectiveness and Legitimacy of ‘Shaming’ as a Strategy for Combatting Climate Change

Promoting Virtue or Punishing Fraud: Mapping Contrasts in the Language of ‘Scientific Integrity’