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Developing an Environmentally Friendly Engineering Ethics: A Course for Undergraduate Engineering Students

A New Experience: The Course of Ethics in Engineering in the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Granada

How to educate future engineers towards a better understanding of the relationships between

A multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional approach to teaching Ethical, Social, Health, Safety, and Environmental Issues in Nanotechnology

Design and Development of a Course in Professionalism and Ethics for CDIO Curriculum in China

Capstone Course in an Integrated Engineering Curriculum

R. S. Jenkins, Pocock, J. B., Zuraski, P. D., Meade, R. B., Mitchell, Z. W., and Farrington, J. J., Capstone Course in an Integrated Engineering Curriculum, Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education & Practice, vol. 128, no. 4, p. 75, 2002.