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Ethical Issues in the Translation of Social Neuroscience: A Policy Analysis of Current Guidelines for Public Dialogue in Human Research

Instructor Toolkit - Values and Policy in Interdisciplinary Environmental Science: A Dialogue-based Framework for Ethics Education

Material and Symbolic Forces in the Evolution of Regulatory Institutions of Agrobiotechnology: A Case Study About Brazil

Environmental Justice : The Science and Political Economy of Environmental Health and Justice

Teaching the Ethics of Science and Engineering through Humanities and Social Science: A Case Study of Evolving Student Perceptions of Nanotechnology

Attitudes of Agricultural Experts Toward Genetically Modified Crops: A Case Study in Southwest Iran

A Question of Balance: The Autism-Vaccine Controversy in the British and American Elite Press

A Multi-Case Study Of Research Using Mobile Imaging, Sensing And Tracking Technologies To Objectively Measure Behavior: Ethical Issues And Insights To Guide Responsible Research Practice

The Need for Social Ethics in Interdisciplinary Environmental Science Graduate Programs: Results from a Nation-Wide Survey in the United States.