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Do Professional Women and Tradeswomen in the South African Construction Industry Share Common Employment Barriers despite Progressive Government Legislation?

Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior in Academic Cheating Research–Cross-Cultural Comparison

The Impact of Unrealistic Optimism on Informed Consent in Early-Phase Oncology Trials

Relevant Information and Informed Consent in Research: In Defense of the Subjective Standard of Disclosure

Resolving ethical challenges when researching with minority and vulnerable populations: LGBTIQ victims of violence, harassment and bullying

Ethical Considerations for Clinical Research and Off-label Use of Ketamine to Treat Mood Disorders: The Balance Between Risks and Benefits

Queering Engineers? Using History to Re-think the Associations Between Masculinity and Irrigation Engineering in Peru

Reporting Race and Ethnicity in Genetics Research: Do Journal Recommendations or Resources Matter?