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Validation and Use of a Predictive Modeling Tool: Employing Scientific Findings to Improve Responsible Conduct of Research Education.

Citizen Science as a Means for Increasing Public Engagement in Science: Presumption or Possibility?

Outline of an Ethics Assessment Framework

P. Brey, Benčin, R., Waro, Z., Jansen, P., Sattarov, F., Reijers, W., Koivisto, R., Tuominen, A., Strle, G., Vejnović, D., Agata, G., Kapeller, A., and Callies, I., Outline of an Ethics Assessment Framework , Stakeholders Acting Together on the Ethical Impact Assessment of Research and Innovation – SATORI, 2017.

Is Quantitative Research Ethical? Tools for Ethically Practicing, Evaluating, and Using Quantitative Research

Promoting Virtue or Punishing Fraud: Mapping Contrasts in the Language of ‘Scientific Integrity’

Enhancing engineering students' ethical reasoning: Situating reflexive principlism within the SIRA framework

Effect of impact factor and discipline on journal data sharing policies

Characteristics Associated With Individuals’ Caring, Just, and Brave Expressions of the Tendency to Be a Moral Rebel

Ships in the Rising Sea? Changes Over Time in Psychologists' Ethical Beliefs and Behaviors

Identifying Gaps in Suicide Research: A Scoping Review of Ethical Challenges and Proposed Recommendations