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Blinded with science: Trivial graphs and formulas increase ad persuasiveness and belief in product efficacy

Readability and Understanding of Informed Consent Among Participants With Low Incomes: A Preliminary Report

Definitions and Conceptual Dimensions of Responsible Research and Innovation: A Literature Review

Ethical consideration of the research proposal and the informed-consent process: An online survey of researchers and ethics committee members in Thailand

Researching young children’s perception of food in Irish pre-schools: An ethical dilemma

In Remembrance There Is Prevention: A Brief Review of Four Historical Failures to Protect Human Subjects

Qualitative Evaluation Methods in Ethics Education: A Systematic Review and Analysis of Best Practices

Understanding of plagiarism among North-African university hospital doctors (UHDs): A pilot study

Emphasizing the experiences of researchers after RCR instructions: Introduction to Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) in Malaysia