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Gender equity in higher education: why and how? A case study of gender issues in a science faculty

Organizing a Collaborative Development of Technological Design Requirements Using a Constructive Dialogue on Value Profiles: A Case in Automated Vehicle Development

Socio-ethical Education in Nanotechnology Engineering Programmes: A Case Study in Malaysia

U.S. Nuclear Testing on the Marshall Islands 1946 - 1958

K. Skoog, Clestial, R. N., Satris, S., Spennemann, D. H. R., Underwood, R. A., and Wyttenbach-Santo, R. H., U.S. Nuclear Testing on the Marshall Islands 1946 - 1958, Teaching Ethics: The Journal of the Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum, vol. 3, no. 2, Submitted.

Knowledge, Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions of Agricultural Professionals Toward Genetically Modified (GM) Foods: A Case Study in Southwest Iran

Midstream Modulation in Biotechnology Industry: Redefining What is ‘Part of the Job’ of Researchers in Industry

Recommendations for Describing Statistical Studies and Results in General Readership Science and Engineering Journals