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Stakeholder Participation in Voluntary Environmental Agreements: Analysis of 10 Project XL Case Studies

Instructor Toolkit - Values and Policy in Interdisciplinary Environmental Science: A Dialogue-based Framework for Ethics Education

Knowledge, Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions of Agricultural Professionals Toward Genetically Modified (GM) Foods: A Case Study in Southwest Iran

The Broad Challenge of Public Engagement in Science : Commentary on "Constitutional Moments in Governing Science and Technology"

Publics in the Making: Mediating Different Methods of Engagement and the Publics These Construct : Commentary on "Technologies of Democracy: Experiments and Demonstrations"

On Identifying Plausibility and Deliberative Public Policy : Commentary on " Negotiating Plausibility : Intervening in the Future of Nanotechnology"

Experimenting with Engagement: Commentary on "Taking Our Own Medicine: On an Experiment in Science Communication"