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Improving Case-Based Ethics Training with Codes of Conduct and Forecasting Content

Can students' reasons for choosing set answers to ethical vignettes be reliably rated? Development and testing of a method

Validity and Reliability of a Turkish Version of the Modified Moral Sensitivity Questionnaire for Student Nurses

Effectiveness of a Responsible Conduct of Research Course: A Preliminary Study

Development of a research ethics knowledge and analytical skills assessment tool

Professional Decision-Making in Research (PDR): The Validity of a New Measure

Relationships Between the Survey of Organizational Research Climate (SORC) and Self-Reported Research Practices

Does Ethics Education Influence the Moral Action of Practicing Nurses and Social Workers?

Teaching and Learning Responsible Research Conduct: Influences of Prior Experiences on Acceptance of New Ideas

An Ethical Issue Scale for Community Pharmacy Setting (EISP): Development and Validation