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Photovoice and refugee research: The case for a ‘layers’ versus ‘labels’ approach to vulnerability

Exceptions to blanket anonymity for the publication of interviews with refugees: African refugees in Israel as a case study

Guardianship and Clinical Research Participation: The Case of Wards with Disorders of Consciousness

Researching young children’s perception of food in Irish pre-schools: An ethical dilemma

Parental Estimation of Their Child's Increased Type 1 Diabetes Risk During the First 2 Years of Participation in an International Observational Study: Results From the TEDDY study

Advance directives in dementia research: The opinions and arguments of clinical researchers - an empirical study

Factors Influencing Parental Consent in a Hypothetical Pediatric Vaccine Trial in a Developing Country Setting: A Questionnaire Study

Research in Emergency and Critical Care Settings: Debates, Obstacles and Solutions